Release your teams’ hidden potential

What is Lift?

Lift is a web and mobile learning application designed to leverage knowledge by giving employees the opportunity to request, propose and organize internal workshops on relevant topics.

Empower your employees


Connect your employees with internal mentors, experts and coaches so they can learn from one another.


Through Lift internal experts can share their expertise by proposing and organizing workshops for their peers.


Lift equally enables employees to raise their hand and ask for help on specific areas they want to improve.


Browse, like & comment on relevant workshop recommendations on your mobile device or desktop.

How does it work?


Lift supports all your employees, experts and learners alike. Colleagues can either create or request a workshop by creating a Lift around a specific subject matter.


Lift will only show recommendations on workshops that are relevant based upon your employee profile and experience. Like, comment and interact just like you do on Facebook and Linkedin.


Participate in the workshops of your choice and share your interest in specific areas of expertise. Give a new dimension to workshops by making them relevant and action oriented through meet-ups and webinars.


Improve the learning experience and culture within your company by sharing your feedback and rating the workshops you’ve attended and the experts you’ve met.

Turn learning into a strategic enabler


Learn, unlearn, relearn and embrace a culture of continuous learning and development.


Empower your employees to unlock their expertise and to become coaches and mentors.

Change Management

Accelerate change management by spreading skills and knowledge from the ground up.

Tacit knowledge

Secure tacit knowledge to enhance your long term competitive advantage.